Took delivery on the bike 3 days ago. Delivery guy arrived an hour & 30 minutes late, so it was dark outside.

Didn't uncrate it with the delivery guy here, but started just after he left. Within 30 minutes of delivery I started finding all the things wrong with the Dong Fong 250cc. Broken seat casing from the front to the back, missing mirror, damaged front body panel, broken front turn signal, missing casing for rear turn signal, etc. Immediately called the company to inform them of issues.

The gal I spoke with gave me her e-mail address and told me to take pics and e-mail them to her. Since it was dark out I waited till the next morning. Took pics of all the damage and sent in an e-mail and requested that they set up a pick up and refund of my money. Called the gal to confirm receipt of the e-mail.

She told me that she normally communicates via e-mail and that I'd hear back from her sometime around 2 PM EST (we're in Atlanta) after her review of the pictures. Heard nothing. Yesterday afternoon at 2:50 PM EST I sent an e-mail voicing my concern that I'd not heard back from her and again requested they inform me of arrangements they make to pick up the bike and refund my money as soon as possible. Heard nothing all day yesterday.

Yesterday we also found the exact same bike locally for less than our purchase price of $2,307.00. This morning I've called my credit card company and informed them of my issues and placed a dispute on the charge. I then started looking for more info on the company so that I can speak with a higher up, no luck, but did find this web site and decided to warn off any other potential customers.

We also received paperwork for this bike that we may not be able to use to register the bike. Will be calling the company again when they open on the west coast.

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Georgia from Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia, United States #580480

So now it's been over 8 business days since I first contacted these guys via e-mail. This past Friday, I sent another e-mail telling the gal that if I didn't receive instructions on how to return the bike and that I would be getting my refund, I would take this issue to the next level.

I also informed her that I've contacted my credit card company and placed a dispute on this purchase.

I still haven't heard from them, so tomorrow I'm contacting the registered agent for the company as well as my credit card company to see if they've heard anything from Sunny Motors. My credit card company will get more involved when I push them tomorrow. I also have two friends who are California attorneys, so the company may well also be getting a call from one or both of my friends.

We shall see what happens next. :(

to Georgia from Georgia Jupiter, Florida, United States #588096

Good morning & Happy New Year to you Georgia...You, as well as hundreds of others have been duped & scammed by this ScooterDepot.us and in process of positioning ourselves for a CLASS ACTION...Can we please have the referral of your attorneys in CA...We may want to speak with them for many reasons...

We are involved with a similar set of circumstances with this 'so-called' company and highly inclined to go after them with a vengeance...Thank u...feel free to email us @ tcsdirect@aol.com

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