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I purchased a Dong Fang motorcycle from this shady company in March 2011... i go my registration documents which consist of a bill of sale and MSO..took them to the PENDOT (DMV in Pennsylvania) and i was told that Sunny Sports (which is the company name they run the business under) is NOT listed on the PENDOT's list of dealers authorized to sell and distribute the vehicle they sold me from this manufacturer. When i called them, they told me that the MSO they sent me was the wrong one..they told me they would send me another one..interesting enough, the new one they sent me had the same handwritting from the one before it showing sales# signature everything with the difference that in the front it says Sunny Powersports. This raised a red flag. I believe they are tryling producs under the company name Sunny Sports but registering them under business lisense Sunny Powersports..i went to the DMV with both of these documents and the DMV people kept both papers and advised me to contact a lawyer. What they did was illegal and now are being investigated by DMV investigations in state of CALIFORNIA...when i called them and told them what happened at the dmv..the customer service people that answered were very rude and told me that if i want to return the vehicle i have to pay initial shipping $259 return shipping $259 and a 30% restocking fee of about $300 at the end of the day i would get $800 back of my $1800 i paid them for something they sold me that i could not register..i am currently seeking legal counsel and advise anyone that reads this post that lives in any state that is thinking about buying from them DON"T Sunny Sports,Powersports,ScooterDepot are scammers out to get your money. As soon as you have a problem with the vehicle they will hang up on you or never answer your calls... dont bother talking to AMY BARNES, LEI LU, IVY, HERBERT, JOEL, KELLY, JOHN or any of the loosers that work there because they will NOT help you. The company should be shut down for their fault business practices



What product did you purchase or try to purchase? Motorcycke

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I had no problem at all getting plates and title in new York was just an hour of my time, and $160.00 for tax and tags. I put 100 miles on it the first day. I love my 150cc dongfang scooter.

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